Last Updated: 23rd Sep 2013

istanbul, turkey

Capital: Ankara

Currency: New Turkish Lira (official) Euro (unofficial)

Language: Turkish

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Manners and Customs

  • The Turks are rightfully proud of their country and defaming or making derogatory comments about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (the ‘Father’ of Turkey), the Turkish flag, the Turkish customs and traditions is not only highly rude, but sometimes even illegal.
  • Coffee in it’s short, thick, black form and tea is very important and even though it may not be to your taste you should try at least one Turkish Coffee while you are there
  • Turkish baths likewise are a must
  • The people are extremely helpful and friendly people and will often go to extremes in order to help you even if they don’t speak a word of English or you a word of Turkish
  • Traditionally on a political level Turkey has had very poor relations with Cypress and Greece, this however is generally not the case as many young Turks have friends from both countries.
  • Although Turkey is certainly a Muslim nation, the government traditionally has been and has taken steps to remain secular and as such
  • Respectful dress should be worn when entering a Mosque, women will likely need to cover their head with a shawl or scarf and everyone needs to remove their shoes

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