Walters Silver and Gold, Florence

Last Updated: 3rd Jan 2013

Walters Silver and Gold is a Contiki Approved Shop gold, silver and jewelry store in Florence, Italy .

by – Michael Thomas, Tour Manager, Europe

Walters is a store we visit in Florence which sells really good value gold and silver. Most of it has been crafted by Walter himself. Florence is famous for its gold and silver craftsmanship and this shop gives you a good chance to pick up a true Florentine souvenir. Walter’s gold and silver is in Florence and you can visit it at any time during your day there.

by – Daniel Mailhiot, Tour Manager, Europe

Walter and the crew run a fantastic shop. The best thing they offer are the nomination bracelets, made by a company right in Florence. They make the best souvenirs…ie VERY easy to pack, durable, and they don’t shrink like t-shirts! He also has gold and silver jewelery. Ask him how the puzzle ring works….I still cant figure it out…..



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