Luggage weight limits & size in Europe

Last Updated: 26th Jun 2015

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Contiki Tours in Europe have a luggage restriction of 1 × 20 kilogram (44lbs) bag and 1 x carry on (roughly 5 kilograms/12lb) bag. This weight restriction is for legal requirements within the European Union as well as for your comfort and safety. The size restriction of you main luggage is 73cm x 50cm x 25cm (29″ × 20″ × 10″) is also observed.

Bags are not measured however you bags will be weighed on tours departing from London and this weight limit is strictly enforced.

Please ensure your luggage is of the correct size and weight before departure as these rules cannot be bent or broken.

If you are travelling on a Concept/Budget or Camping tour, your sleeping bag is separate and is not included in these restrictions (ie: your sleeping bag is not measured or weighted and can be separate from your luggage).

On tours with included flights as part of the itinerary, you’ll need to make sure your luggage doesn’t exceed the weight restrictions imposed by airlines. Contiki is not responsible for any costs incurred for overweight luggage.

For information regarding airline luggage fees & limits, please visit our comprehensive list linking to airline websites and their specific luggage restrictions.

Excess Baggage

If your luggage weighs more than this you have the option of storing your excess luggage the day or evening before the tour departs. The Contiki Basement offers luggage storage as does the Royal National Hotel for people staying there (both at a cost).

Please note: If you are not returning to London you should take note of this as you will not be able to carry excess luggage onto the coach when you leave London.



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