What is Contikipedia?

Last Updated: 28th Feb 2014

At first glance, this may seem like just a glorified message board but the Contikipedia has a few little differences that we hope will make it a lot more useful and used:

Loads of Articles

Our Tour Managers and Trip Forum users have been putting together information on our destinations, optional excursions, what to pack, what to expect on tours, great places to visit and ‘on tour’ information….in fact almost anything and everything related to Contiki Tours. These travel tips and information appear in the Contikipedia as ‘Articles’.

As this part of our site is brand new, there are not articles on everything at the moment and only some of the places we visit and things we get up to on our tours are covered. The information here however will continue to grow.

Submit your own articles for discussion and publishing, see what others are saying and give us your feedback in our ’Contikipedia Forum":http://connect.contiki.com/eve/forums/a/frm/f/322107533.


Anyone can make comments on any of the articles in Contikipedia. Join in a discussion, add your own thoughts, ideas and bits of travel advice at the bottom of any Contikipedia article. It’s easy to register and create your own profile. Check the bottom of each article to see what other people are talking about and to have your own say.

Travellers Tips

We choose the most helpful and useful comments to appear as ‘Recent Tips’ throughout our site. Look down the right hand side of any page to check out the best travel tips our past travellers and Tour Managers have to offer.

Links Between Articles

There are links between articles makes it easier to relate and navigate your way though topics and articles– if you mention Italy or day bag for example, there is no need to explain what it is as you can link to the page about it.

Articles and Topics are Easier to Find

You can find information by:

  • Using the tag cloud half way down the right of the page.
  • Following links to other articles
  • Using the ‘search’ function – this will not only search tours but Contikipedia article pages.

Enhanced Profiles

Bigger, better profiles with room for more information and the option to make this information private. Sign In or Register here or at the top of any page.

More Photos and Pictures

Photos! You can upload and share your tour photos (or any photo you like) on your profile. Our favorite tour photos feature in the ‘From the Road’ section throughout the Contiki site – real photos by real people on real tours!



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