What's on the Menu? - Asia

Last Updated: 2nd Aug 2012

<p>Asia has some of the best food in the world and we promise you won’t go hungry! We include some meals (all breakfasts and some lunches and dinners) in the tour price and leave others open for you to choose, so you can follow your nose and explore on your own.</p> <p>There will be some tried and tested favourites such as pad thai noodles and satay sticks. And for ‘food adventurers’, there’s the opportunity to get creative (especially in the local markets) &#8211; Tarantula, anyone?!</p> <p>Thai cuisine is famous for its spices and fresh flavours. Similar food can be found in Laos with hints of ginger and lemon grass. Try rice wine and sticky rice in Cambodia and sit back in Vietnam with a cold glass of “bia hoi” (the locally brewed beer) and when the French left, they handed over their recipes if the croissants are anything to go by.</p> <p>Try a local highlight, something more familiar or choose a restaurant that supports underprivileged children. Our local guides are fantastic at helping you uncover the most popular and authentic restaurants in the region or city you are visiting at bargain prices.</p>