Where you stay - Camping Tours

Last Updated: 28th Feb 2014

camping tours

Camping tours stay in 2-person tents (provided by Contiki) that are easy to put up and if you don’t have someone to share with you road crew can help arrange for you to share with someone. Air mattresses are also provided but you must bring your own sleeping bag and towel.

Camping tours stay in specifically designed European campsites, a very popular way for even Europeans to travel and stay in reasonable comfort and within arms-reach of many major cities and sites. Camping Tours sometimes use many of the same campsites as the Concept/Budget Tours, only staying in tents rather than cabins.

Shared facilities in most campsites include shared, shops, bars and showers that occasionally you may have to buy tokens for.

Where you stay is one of the main differences between tour styles offered by Contiki in Europe.



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