Last Updated: 23rd Sep 2013

Whistler in is known the world over being one of the best ski resorts not only in Canada, but the entire world. This village amongst the lakes and mountains of British Columbia is also one of the most underrated and beautiful summer resorts also in the world.

Long before Whistler became a ski and resort area, logging was its main industry and it wasn’t until the 1960’s that began discovering the crystal clear lakes the began making it a popular holiday destination. During this time the alpine areas were developed with the hope of winning the 1968 Winter Olympics, and although the big failed, this opened the way for some of the best skiing in Canada.

The Blackcomb mountain lifts opened in 1980 and since then Whistler has been consistently voted the best skiing in North America.

The Olympic dream that sparked the amazing ski fields will come into late fruition in 2010 when Vancouver hosts the XXI Winter Games with Whistler hosting some of the main events of the Games.

Whistler however has not forgotten is summer roots and the village is designed to create a European style feel with loads of outdoor activities like mountain biking, canoeing and hiking along with an excellent nightlife.



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