Definite Departures: your trust, our promise.

W e know how important your trust is, the trust you put in us to deliver you an unforgettable experience. We understand how much planning goes into making a trip of a lifetime happen. Every year we guarantee a huge number of departures of ours will run without fault, we call these Definite Departures. As more and more of our travellers book onto other departures, these will become Definite too.

By booking onto a Definite Departure, you can feel safe in knowing that your trip is secure, and focus your attention on more important things – like how much shopping you plan on doing, or how to say ‘hey’ in 10 different languages.

Look out for the blue triangle next to the date on the departure calendar or list, indicating a Definite Departure.

Definite departure symbol Definite Departures Calender
Bus in paris
We run more Definite Departures than anyone else.

Guaranteed Departures in 2013

multiple buses
Asia 100%

Definite Departures in 2013

Boys and girls
Peru 99%

Definite Departures in 2013

Pie chart 99%

Why not try:

Asian adventure
from $1853

Why not try:

Peru Uncovered
from $3098

Map of South America
Costa Rica, Galapogas & Ecuador, Argentina & Brazil

Definite Departures in 2013

Why not try:

Ecuador & Galapagos Island Hopper
from $3150

The world is yours to explore
World Map of Contiki destinations
The world is yours to explore
Map Mobile

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Live it up in Las Vegas with a champagne limo ride down the infamous strip

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Stay in a Jungle Lodge in the heart of the Amazon

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Enjoy a private gondola ride though the canals of Venice

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Take a bike tour through UNESCO listed old-town Luang Prabang


Sleep in a swag under the stars in the Outback

PinNew Zealand

Indulge your skin at Rotorua’s geothermic mud pools

Hundreds of happy travellers. One great promise.

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