Asian Adventure (From Apr 2018)

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16 days

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Asian Adventure (From Apr 2018)

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14 Aug 2011 - 27 Aug 2011

This was an absolutely amazing trip and one that will stay with the 19 of us on the tour for the rest of our lives. Emmo, our tour guide, is one hell of a good guy and made sure we had rollicking time in SE Asia. In terms of value for money, excitement and sheer scope of activities on this trip, it is hard to think of anywhere better to go.

Contiki take all the hassle out of travelling in a foreign country and is ideal for people who may be travelling alone. The first few minutes are a bit daunting but once you get to meet everyone (and have a drink or two!) you will make some lifelong friends.

Sign up for the Asian Adventure, just do it, do it now. You won't regret it!

Review written Jan 2012

My Contiki was: Hassle-free, Exciting, Time Of One's Life

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