Thai Island Hopper West 2016

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Thai Island Hopper West 2016
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05 Nov 2011 - 13 Nov 2011

By far this was the best 9 days of my life. I went on the tour by myself and left with 23 new friends. The general summary of everyone's experiences at the end was that we didn't want to leave. The trip is an amazing value; 8 nights in quality hotels, transportation to and from the islands, dinners and the optional trips were unbeatable. What really makes the difference though between an okay vacation and an amazing holiday is the people you are with and lest we forget the tour manager. Bayden Bell was ours, and he made the entire experience all the more enjoyable because he was responsible enough to make sure everything was coordinated but also down to earth and enjoying the nightlife with everyone.

I could not in all fairness say there was one thing that topped the others for favorite experiences but the culmination of Island tours in the day and Baglan road at night in Phuket, the beaches, island tours, Full Moon and "Tight, White and Bright" parties on the beach in Phi Phi, are up there. I still have neon orange paint in my watch and the shirt/shorts from the Tight, White and Bright party.

Coming on leave from Afghanistan to Thailand on this trip was the best vacation I could have asked for. I thought 9 days would have been too short but everyday was like a lifetime (in a good way).

Now its time for round-2 in 2012 with the group!!

Review written Nov 2011

My Contiki was: Lived Life, Tight, White and Bright!, Life Changing

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