China Adventure (Until Mar 2018)

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China Adventure (Until Mar 2018)
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01 Apr 2013 - 12 Apr 2013

This tour was so much more then what I through it would be. The Tour Guide Luke was OUTSTANDING, he was friendly,helpful and so nice that he made the trip fun, he really knows his stuff and you can see that he wants everyone on the trip to get the best of China.
The people on the tour where a GREAT GROUP and everyone got on and enjoyed the trip, we where like one big happy family, couldnt have asked for a better Group.
The Local Guides on all the stops where also OUTSTANDING and really showed us the Best that China has to offer and where helpful if you had questions they could answer.
Accommodation on this trip is out of the World, every Hotel is well cleaned and in Great Locations of the Cities and sights. (If you have done Contiki before then the Hotels are no way a normal Contiki Hotel) if you havent done a Contiki before and do this trip then don't think that ever Contiki puts you up in the Best Hotels in the City casue they don't, this tour doesn't even feel like a Contiki.
Every Day was full on, yet you couldnt have asked for less, you saw everything and nothing was left out (you wont be leaving the tour going I wish we had seen this, as ever base is covered).
Meals where good and very nice (don't think its just Asian Food all the time you get a mix of Western and Local food).
The Optionals for this tour are Great and it is worth doing all of them, really couldn't say what the best one was cause I enjoyed them all and was good to do them.
Best Moemnt cant reaslly say as I enjoyed the whole trip and wish it was Longer cause I loved China and can't wait to go back again.
I def say it worth doing as you see so much and learn so much on the tour that it really is worth every cent you pay.

Review written Apr 2013


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