China Adventure (Until Mar 2018)

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China Adventure (Until Mar 2018)
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In a Word...Amazing!

22 Jul 2013 - 02 Aug 2013

It is hard to put into words exactly how great this trip was, but I will have to try. My Asian adventure was comprised of the greatest group in travel history and was lead by the most wonderful man embodied in our tour manager, Nathan McBain. After having less then great tour experiences with others, Asia was easily the greatest experience of my entire life.
Our trip snaked from Beijing to Xi'an, then Shanghai, Yangshou and ended in Hong Kong. There is nothing to compare with the feeling of standing on the Great Wall, or taking a lap around the Terra Cotta Army, or seeing a gorgeous panoramic view of Hong Kong. Our attention was constantly being grabbed with the various shows and the me time activities were excellent. - Then you could wonder around the cities, as I did, and see the locals carrying on in a normal fashion. One of my tour mates and I found a temple and got amazing shots, and a view into the religious life of the region. There are so many sounds, smells and sights that comprise Asia that you have to pace yourself as not to miss a single thing. The local guides are all wonderful people and are there to explain and help you enjoy every city, every site, everything.
The hotels were all great. I have high expectations in general and was not disappointed once. The feel of the beds was a surprise, however we were kept so busy during the day that once I collapsed into it at night I slept soundly. Contiki REALLY outdid itself with the Metropolis in Hong Kong. That place was magnificent and to be quite honest I wondered if a mistake had been made. That fact became a light joke in the group. However the accommodations were extremely nice and I found my room a respite every night.
Finally, this was my first trip where I liked my tour manager. He made us feel special and was genuinely concerned about us as a group and as individuals. - I've never had that before as a traveler. I didn't feel like a number. I felt if I had ANY problem, Nate would work to try a rectify it, or direct me to where it could be rectified. I would travel with Nate anywhere.

Review written Sep 2013

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