China Adventure (Until Mar 2018)

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12 days

China Adventure (Until Mar 2018) » Review by Explorer1314946

China Adventure (Until Mar 2018)
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14 Nov 2011 - 25 Nov 2011

The best way to see the highlights of China - Contiki set us this trip so that we would see the best things from the best point of view - You can't imagine how amazing to experience the Great Wall with very little people around, and the bund in Shanghai!
Our Tour Leader Luke was knowledgable and very easy to approach, and anwsered all our silly questions and opened up our minds to what we thought we knew about China.
I met so many amazing people from America, South Africa and NZ, as well as people from Australia!
Our Accomodation was amazing - Even staying in 5 star hotels in certain cities! (This may be variable for your trip though!)
Overall, this tour is amazing for anyone wanting to go here - I guarantee it will not be what you thought it was!

Review written Jan 2012

My Contiki was: Interesting, Fun, Informative

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