Food and culture Say g'day to the downunder spirit

Its not just the weather that's warm.

‘Aussies’ are a laidback, friendly bunch. But don’t confuse their casual approach and easy nature with being soft – they work hard to make their mark.

There’s a mix of cultures across the continent. The warm and inviting Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for tens of thousands of years, making them one of the world’s longest surviving cultures. Greek, Italian and Asian communities also add colour.

Great weather makes it easy for Aussies to spend most of their time outdoors. You’ll find them relaxing on the beaches, catching up with friends in the city, or playing a game of footy. We include a surfing lesson in Coffs Harbour so you can test out your skills with them.

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Sample the tastes

You can’t see Australia without tasting it. We include a ton of meals like a bushtucker tasting of kangaroo meat or steak and chips in the Outback, and keep it flexible so you can check out the meals you want to.

Australian food is a fusion of the different cultures, with European and Asian influence everywhere. Sydney's Leichhardt suburb is brimming with Italian restaurants, sushi is popular everywhere, and steak and seafood top most menus. Try vegemite on toast for breakfast, or a tasty meat pie for lunch.

Chill with a drink

Some of the world’s best wine comes from this part of the world, with the reds particularly good. Or try a ginger beer or pint of a local brew.

Meet the wildlife.

There are some pretty cool creatures to get introduced to in Australia. Cuddly koalas chill in the eucalyptus trees and kangaroos roam in the open spaces

Keep an eye out for dingos, wallabies, snakes and crocodiles in Kakadu National Park. Or spend time saying hello to a wombat, echidna, bandicoot or Tasmanian devil on our visit to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Shop til you drop

Australia has great local designers and brands so don’t be surprised if you bring home a whole new wardrobe, or a pair of genuine Ugg boots. For something more local, a piece of Aboriginal art will brighten a wall or treat yourself to an Opal necklace.




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