The Big Walkabout with Sailing (Start Sydney)

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The Big Walkabout with Sailing (Start Sydney)
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Australia on a whim

29 Aug 2013 - 25 Sep 2013

Australia was never really on my bucket list, I simply wanted to go somewhere different and the timing worked out for me. This was an unexpected adventure of a life time. This is my no.2 favorite contiki tour yet. worth every penny. If you love outdoor sports, Australia is just the spot for you. Every city brought a new and different treat. I got to bungy jump, sky dive, sail, snorkel, surf, camp (first and last time hehehe), pet a koala, hang a python around my body, hang with kangaroos and also ate quite a bit of their succulent meat. I probably would never travel to Australia again, but I made sure I enjoyed a lot of what it had to offer. A tip for those going to the northern territory, take a bug repellent for your body! I also purchased a face net that made my life much easier...bugs everywhere! lol. But that definitely added to the experience. I took a separate trip to Melbourne to enjoy yarra valley wine and try out their popular food culture...loved it!

oh yeah, Australia is insanely expensive. I had a water bottle which I refilled at every hotel we went to...that helped a lot instead of spending $5 on water, ridiculous.

Review written Feb 2014

My Contiki was: awesome, experience, adventure

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