Reefs and Rainforests with Sailing (Start Sydney)

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Reefs and Rainforests with Sailing (Start Sydney)
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Was an amazing way to see Australia!

14 Apr 2013 - 29 Apr 2013

Everything from start to finish with Contiki impressed me. I had a bit of confusion with pricing and deals when booking and it was handled so well and efficiently.
The tour was everything I had imagined it to be. My tour manager and driver were amazing and were so knowledgeable and passionate about everywhere we went! I was lucky to have incredible weather for the whole 16 days so it felt as if was living in a postcard. The included meals were great, all breakfasts included made it easy and convenient. The accommodation was okay for the most part but expect to pay a small fortune for wifi at a lot of the hotels/hostels. The coach was super comfy and beautiful. Would recommend a pillow and a blanket!
The only elements of the trip that disappointed me were time schedules. I know this is to be expected on such a short tour that spans the whole East Coast. Some places listed on the itinerary that you "see" you don't even get off the coach for.. you just drive by, which I found frustrating. There were lots of times when we wouldn't arrive to a place until it was dark then we'd leave early the next morning. Which left me feeling like I never even experienced the place at all.
Another thing.. Australia is so expensive! The me time optionals were very pricey, since I was on a student budget I couldn't afford to shell out another couple grand on things that weren't included. So a lot of time I was left to my own devices while others went out and did other activities. My advice... Plan to spend an extra grand AT LEAST on extra activities.
Overall, I would recommend this tour! Everything about it was fabulous and the only complaints I have are in the hands of the time frame not our fabulous Contiki team.

Review written Jun 2013

My Contiki was: Quick, Amazing, Fun

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