Berlin to Budapest (Until Mar 2018)

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11 days

Berlin to Budapest (Until Mar 2018) » Review by Suzy

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Berlin to Budapest (Until Mar 2018)
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trip of a lifetime

10 May 2013 - 21 May 2013

Berlin to Budapest is an amazing trip. The pace gives you enough time to see everything in Berlin and Prague. There is a little less time in Vienna and Budapest, but you also get to see about as much as possible in just a couple of days. I opted for all the optionals and really enjoyed them. We got to try local food at each stop and it was all really good, the restaurants we visited each seemed to be great picks at giving us a bit of music and food true to the location. Bike riding through Prague was definately a trip highlight. The walking tour in Prague and Berlin were also amazing. This tour doesn't have too many long coach rides, but any time spent on the coach was definatley fun and memorable thanks to our amazing tour manager Lucian and road crew Levi. Levi kept the coach clean and smooth sailing and always greeted us with a wonderful smile and some great stories. Lucian created amazing memories with our day song and his contagious energy. He truly went above and beyond to make sure that each of us on the trip were having the time of our lives. Everyone on tour seemed to be having a great time and all got along really well. Almost everyone went to the baths in Budapest which was a great end to a wonderful time spend abroad. I definately recomend this trip. #noregrets

Review written May 2013

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