Berlin to Budapest (Until Mar 2018)

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Berlin to Budapest (Until Mar 2018)
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09 Nov 2012 - 20 Nov 2012

This tour was alright, but I am not sure I would recommend it. It is one of those tours that is broken up for example there were some people who only did Berlin and prague, a few who did berlin/prague/vienna than we picked up a few new people after vienna for budapest. I dont like when tours do this because it is harder to be friends with the group with so many people coming and going.
I also found 5 countries in 12 days is a bit much. The time in Prauge and vienna melted together.
The transportation was ok not too long between each country.
The accommodations were pretty good the hotel we stayed at in berlin was a 15 min walk away from the subway so it was hard to go out at night to come back on the subway.
The options were not that great, in Vienna there was a classical dinner sympothy it was pretty boring and not worth the money. In Berlin we did a walking tour and it was awesome and cheap. It was worth it.
Our tour manager did give us an outline of each country when we were driving there which was helpful. However I felt the tour manager wasnt happy to be there everytime anyone asked him a question he seemed to be inconvenienced. Other tours i have been on the tour manager does things with you, shows you places gives you advice and hangs out with you.
I am happy that i got to see all these places and i think what you pay is worth it

Review written Aug 2013

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