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Egypt & The Nile
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Amazing tour with an amazing guide

08 Sep 2012 - 15 Sep 2012

I went on this tour in September 2012 and would highly recommend it to anyone. The history is just incredible and you will not believce how well preserved the temples and artefacts are. Sharif the tour guide was so knowledgeable and pointed out things you would never notice. He made the tour what it was. The highlightsfor me were definitely the Valley of the Kings and the camel ride at the pyramids.

Its not just all about the history. The day in Hurghada was lovely. Just watch out for the fire coral! And the overnight train from Aswan was a true adventure.

Don't be put off by the recent trouble in Egypt - I did not for one moment feel unsafe. Egypt needs tourism more than ever to help maintain the treasures it has there. It also means that at the moment it is much less crowded than it has been in the past.

Everyone was really nice on the tour and we had lots of fun - partcularly the Egyptian party on the Nile cruise.

I highly recommend this tour.

Review written Jan 2013

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