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Egypt & The Nile
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awesome time!!

16 Feb 2013 - 23 Feb 2013

this was my first ever contiki tour and my first time outside Australia, i started to get alittle scared about my trip to egypt since everyone i know was telling me to be careful and the only news they would show in Australia about Egypt was about the riots and local people dying, i had this idea in my mind that there would be heaps of military walking around the streets in Cairo carrying guns!! but when i got there i realised how wrong my perception of Egypt was. My first day in Cairo i didnt see anyone else on my tour till later that night so i decided to go out into the streets of cairo by be honest i was petrified but once i got out into the streets it was ok, just a warning to all females...prepare to be harrassed by the men..especially if you are on your own, the harassment wasnt to bad all they did was call out to me and tell me i was beautiful and spoke arabic to me(which i didnt understand) they didnt touch me so it wasnt to bad. i will admit Cairo was not my favourite city FYI if walking the streets of cairo wear closed shoes like sneakers because the streets are pretty filthy. the contiki tour included admission to all the main parts in Egypt the coolest part was going to the pyramids of Giza and having the chance to climb alittle way up them..and get some awesome pics! also the camel rides to the other side of the pyramids was a big highlight for me. i highly recommend doing all the optionals on the tour( i didnt go to abu simbel but most of the people on my tour did and said it was awesome)....the only thing i would say not to do is the sound and light contiki group decided on going to the karnak sound and light show.. it was a waste of money!! the lighting was good but the voices were outdated and was hard to follow most of us spent the time giggling at the old shakespere speak and the over dramtisation. i met girl who did a top deck tour they went to the sound and light show at giza, which was apperently just as boring. Everywhere else on our Egypt tour was beautiful and amazing we were all safe nothing got stolen noone got hurt. the only other thing i would warn people about is going throught the markets everywhere in Egypt because they are so poor when they see tourist they try to get you to buy stuff they are very pushy and in your face and there are alot of children around try to ignore tham because they try to pick pocket you...the best way i found to go around the market was to not stare at anything or anyone coz they will harrass you even more and say "no thankyou" or "la shukran" but if they keep pushing you just firmly say no and they will leave you alone. another hint for females traveling be prepared to have Arabic men take your picture this happened a few times when we were at the pyramids taking pictures also some will try to get into a picture with you, also girls dress appriporatley you will get harrassed less if you are covered up more!! take toilet paper because using the toilets at most of the place we visited we had to pay a pound to use the toilets and they gave you a little scrap of take more in with you or tissues. the 3 day cruise boat we went on was the best part of tour.. we all had a chance to relax and get to one another a bit more which was great.. all our meals were provided for and the only thing we had to pay for were drinks. Basically to sum my review up Egypt was safe our tour guide Sherif was excellent and knowlodgeable about the history of Egypt....everyone should go and experince for themselves im so glad i did it, i will never regret or forget a single moment of my time there!!

Review written Mar 2013

My Contiki was: best experience ever!!, everyone should go, just amazing

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