Egypt & The Nile

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Egypt & The Nile
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must see

15 Oct 2011 - 22 Oct 2011

Just do it. Its the cheapest contiki, best value, highlights everday, more than just the pyramids (which are amazing!). Do the flight to abu simbel, enjoy the overnight train and the cruise is so good. the food is nice everywhere. dont drink tap water or have food from street vendors - we werent tummy sick but it happens. pharmacies will sell you any medicine you want - if you get sick (i got tonsilitis - just bad luck) go to a pharmacy, if one doesnt have the meds you need another will. it was about 30 degrees each day - very comfortable. last year there were 15 million tourists - this year not quite 1 million so with the trouble theyve had there (of which we saw none) be prepared to be hassled to buy things. girls keep shoulders and knees covered in some places - the guide will advise you and dont go to markets without a male. the guide sharif is so good (too good for contiki - sorry contiki but its true) he knows everything and is super nice too. our bus was comfortable and air conditioned. the victoria hotel is basic and old and in an interesting area - i wouldnt walk around outside on my own, but its where the tour starts and finishes and the staff are fantastic - tip them! and tip sharif too - he deserves it! our tour mates were a diverse group - lots of fun. order a necklace on the first day of the cruise with your name in hyrogliphics - its cool! try to rest in between the early mornings and late nights. dont trust all atms - a girls card was swallowed by a machine and had to be canx - have a backup. expect dessert and lots of palm trees on the edge of the nile. we snorkled in the red sea (not on the itinerary - but do it, sharif arranged it for us - its just like the barrier reef!) take lots of photos - we had most temples and pyramids to ourselves. be prepared to bargain for something you like in a market - sharif will give you an idea of how much to pay. i would go again.
(by Samantha Regan)

Review written Oct 2011

My Contiki was: wow, highlights, amazing

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