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The Easy Rider
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Easy Rider: It's in-tents!

26 Jul 2011 - 26 Aug 2011

When booking a tour around Europe, I was unsure whether to go camping or hotels/hostels. I decided with camping as my sister had done this tour the year before and loved it. Best decision I've ever made. As you had to help around the campsite, and you couldn't just hide in your hotel room, you get to know your group so much better, and faster. And really, you're only in your tent to sleep, so it doesn't make that much of a difference camping! :-)

We got to see a bit of everything in our tour! There was a couple of places I would've liked to see more of (ie. Munich, Vienna), but I know now where I would go back to. I probably use the word amazing too much when describing this tour, but it really was that. Our team was fantastic. The tour manager, driver and super talented cook probably made the experience even better. They were so helpful, and made sure we were happy and fed. I still maintain the carbonara our chef made is pretty much the best in the world.

My favourite places would probably have been Italy and Switzerland. We had the best night at the I heart Roma party and the Swisco disco. It wasn't just the parties though, the cultural aspect of everything was great too. The optional extras were worth it, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Review written Jul 2013

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