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The Big Chill
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28 Jun 2011 - 12 Aug 2011

I finished my 46 day camping tour of Europe on the 12th August 11!
I had such an amazing time and cannot think of one bad thing to say. Everything was an experience no matter what it was....(even ending up in hospital with a dislocated knee, and doing it in a Florence night club)!!!!!
I went on my own and I think it was the best thing I could have done. I got to meet a awesome bunch of people that I got to have new experiences with. I have made friends for life and am planning on seeing some of them again soon.

I had never really been camping for a long period of time before so I was a little nervous about what it would be like for 46days. I ended up loving it and finding that everyone got to hang with everyone most of the time and our group got really close to each other. It was also nice to go to a chilled out campsite in a awesome location at the end of a busy day in the citys and most of the time by the beach, lake of within nature but close enough to the city that you could get a cab home at night and it didnt cost a fortune.
Also having a on road cook was AMAZING!!! We ate so well every morning and evening, always freshly prepared meals that were so tasty.

Our tour manager Mia Potter was the cooliest, down to earth chick I have ever meet. I felt so lucky to have such an amazing tour manager with us for our tour! She was always bright eyed and ready to go every morning no matter what the day or what we had all been up doing the night before. It was great having someone so passionate about showing people the different places of Europe and everything it has to offer. We all felt so privilleged to have her with us.

I saw the most amazing places and had the experience of my life and it wouldnt have been possible without CONTIKI!!!!

So to anyone considering travelling with a tour I would recommed Contiki over anyone else, if you are going at it alone, with a friend or as a couple I will promise you that you will have the time of your life!!!

Review written Aug 2011

My Contiki was: Experiences, Awesome People, Amazing

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