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European Adventurer
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24 Jun 2011 - 30 Jul 2011

I had the most amazing time. I met 51 incredible people and had the time of my life. honestly have not one complaint (other then an unfortunate event of bedbugs in vienna) -- but that can't be prevented.
My tour manager, Jude Knam was fantastic. She gave 110%. She'd give us all the info we needed from history, to guided maps of all the great places to visit. She'd be up late with us, and be up and ready to go the next morning. She did a fantastic job. Very happy. Our bus driver was quite a character. He handled all tricky situations well and we all feel in love with him quickly.
All in all, i had an amazing time and i would recommend to contiki to everyone!!

Review written Sep 2011

My Contiki was: Sightseeing, fun -- partying, amazing :)

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