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European Adventurer

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07 Jun 2013 - 13 Jul 2013

On this tour I got to see all the expected sights, landmarks, historic places everything you can imagine, I got to experience new culture, cuisines, lessons in life and pretty much live the dream for 37 days with people I had never met who now mean soo soo much to me! I didnt know what to expect and was quite scared to do Contiki as i was going by myself, but come Day 1 of the tour, there was no need to worry!

My tour manager was amazing and has become a good friend, our driver the same! The optionals were a lot of fun! Transport was perfect, our driver even did extra pick ups on some nights we went out when it was too far to get home by taxi! They went above and beyond for us! The meals that were supplied were fine, they were good, most of them were buffet style so we got to choose what we wanted. Lots of people said the food was shit, but to me it was really better then I expected, as was the accomodation. Previous to my trip people warned me that some places would be dodgy and I wouldnt like it / feel safe.. So automatically I expected the worst. However as they say 'Expect the worst get the best' thats what happened! Accomodation was fine, there were 1 or 2 places that would probably be rated 2 stars (just a guess) but honestly, it was NOT bad at all for A Concept Tour (budget trip) I really enjoyed the Generator Hostel in Barcelona and The hostel in Ljubljana was amazing (the old bank) Most places had free wifi which was handy for being homesick!!!

All the Contiki sites were ALOT of fun, they really entertained us, provided us with yummy food, made us feel at home it was great :) So were the Contiki Staff at the campsites. Luke in Venice, Tyson in Rome and Kate (somewhere in Italy) were some I really got along with!

Tour mates were amazing, I think we all really got lucky! We had an amazing group. I had too many amazing moments, none of which would make sense to anyone that wasn't / hasn't on the tour or done a Contiki! I truly lived with #noregrets. I even got it tattooed on my foot (minus the hashtag haha)

One thing I will add for anyone that reads this or plans to go on a Contiki is:
- Cold and Flu Tablets (strong ones)
- Multi vitamins / vitamin C
- Scissors
- Insect repellent & cream for bites (YOU WILL GET BITTEN especially in Italy and Greece)
- Lots of sunscreen (Aussie sunscreen is perfect as we've got the strongest sun in the world, especially in comparison to Europe - also sunscreen over there is expensive)
- If your a girl lots of spare for that time of the month!!! Its a little tricky to find good stuff over there
- Bed bug spray
..and im sure theres a couple other things but i cant think right now!

Anyways best time of my life!!! I reccommend to anyone and everyone! Also GO SOLO! I wouldnt change anything about going by myself - you really wake up to urself and learn life lessons !


Review written Aug 2013

My Contiki was: Life, Changing, Experiences

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