European Contrasts plus Corfu

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30 days

European Contrasts plus Corfu » Review by Paul

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European Contrasts plus Corfu
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05 Aug 2012 - 02 Sep 2012

I had never done a contiki before and honestly it changed my life. This tour I think blows all the others away you get all of Europe that you want to see for the sights and also get 3 nights in Greece which are the best chilled out 3 days to just relax and have a beer/cocktail. It was great having 2 days in most countries didn't feel rushed to do and see things. This tour was a great mix of sightseeing and partying all rolled into one. You meet the most amazing people and new friends. I highly recommend this tour well worth every cent. I loved every second of my tour European contrasts 2012 cheeky monkeys for life and best tour manager Kat and best bus driver Raf can't forgot those cheeky monkeys too.

Review written Sep 2012

My Contiki was: Insane, Whirlwind, Adventure

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