European Contrasts plus Corfu

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European Contrasts plus Corfu
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Time of your life.

07 Jun 2013 - 05 Jul 2013

The good:

This was the absolute most amazing, beautiful, entertaining and fun time of my life. I wouldn't have done it any other way, we saw so much of the world in such a short time. This tour is definitely the one that covers the most amount of ground in the shortest time for the least amount of cash.

We literally saw every attraction listed plus so many more surprises, contrasts was good because it started off with the full on citys like paris and florence and then eased down to the slower places like munich. 29 days is a perfect amount of time to go, I was only just getting tired in the last 2 or 3 days and ready to go home.

Our tour manager (Maaaaat) looked after us amazingly between our hospital trips, missing persons and general misbehaviour, and our bus driver (Martin) was a great driver who was often called to show off his skills.

We also had the best group of people you could have asked for, everyone was like minded and full of fun. We became so close straight away and at the end it was like saying good bye to your brothers and sisters for the last month. I've been home for 2 weeks and we have already organised a catch up!

The not so good:

A lot of people on tour were annoyed with the amount of time spent travelling on the bus- thats how you get around, deal with it. If you want to see 12 countries in 29 days you are going to be spending a lot of time in transit.

The accommodation was usually neat and clean, bed bugs were an issue for a few people at some places. Several places were really far away from the city (30E + taxi) so it was hard to kind of do your own thing of a night and it often felt like a lot of pressure to drink (and spend your money) at the Contiki-run bars.

The food was always reasonably healthy and tasty, expect to eat a lot of cold bread, cold ham and cold cheese for breakfast. Contiki always did a good job of dinners and the only real bad meal we had was an optional in St Goar- that was terrible.

I'm not sure if it was just luck of the drawer but Contrasts always seemed to get the short end of the straw when it came to party nights at the contiki accommodation, it feels like every time we got somewhere none of the other groups wanted to go out because they had a massive night the night before with games and contests, and then when it was on again we were leaving in the morning.

The other thing that surprised a lot of people was that Contiki is a party. We drank and stayed up most nights and slept on the bus the next day- I enjoyed it most of the time but others may not have. You don't ever *have* to go out but sometimes if you don't you feel like you miss out a lot.

Review written Jul 2013

My Contiki was: Unforgettable, Amazing, All done for you!

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