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European Discovery
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European Discovery

16 Jun 2011 - 29 Jun 2011

Amazing trip but quite exhausting! We got to see so much in such a short period of time! They tell u u need to party hard and sight see but really...i got the rest i needed so i could really enjoy the trip! This is the type of trip that shows u alot but u dont stay 2 or 3 days in one location to really take it just gives u an idea of where u should come back 2!

The hotels were 3 stars most of the time but acceptable. if you're traveling alone and are not to strapped for cash i do suggest getting a single booking! u really get to relax and prep in the morning and on time since we were up by 6 most mornings! (lots complained about roommates coming in puking and drunk! not the best thing....!!)

Speaking of hotels...there's a weird hotel in Switzerland...the prison either hate or love it.....i hated it and it's about my only complaint to Contiki....its an old prison turned into a hotel...theres no AC and u gotta bug the guy from the front desk to use the phone cause there r none in the rooms! ( so no alarm clock make sure u have ur own!) Its an old prison so.....just a tad bit freaky at night! i slept with the lights on!

Bring a good pillow for the long bus rides, a decent amount of pocket money (about 50 -100 eur /day) and a good camera! if you can't sleep on buses i suggest a good book or an ipad with movies and shows t pass the time!

The food was decent :) the stops along the way are amazing! make sure u eat the recommended meals by ur guide! its worth it!

If you are going, enjoy it! it's an amazing trip!!!!

Review written Mar 2012

My Contiki was: a, wonderful, trip!

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