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European Discovery
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15 Sep 2011 - 26 Sep 2011

This was my first ever tour... and I loved it!! Our group was great, we had an awesome tour guide and bus driver in Jen and Ricki!!!! Opening day of Oktoberfest... massive. I recommend going during Oktoberfest... a really experience!! Beautiful weather in September, loved all of the optionals, white water rafting was one of my favourites, the cool clear water was such a pretty colour and great for a hangover.
Even though it was short, because it was sooo full on and fast paced, you really felt like you'd been together with everyone for ages. I would not advise this particular tour if you are looking for something a little bit more leisurely pace... it was bam bam bam, but if you could keep up, it was well worth it.
Accommodation is interesting, always clean and tidy, but don't expect massive hotel rooms. Think of it more as a cultural experience.. trying the different hotel standards of each different country!
Food. One word. ITALY. You have not eaten until you've been there. Wow, food coma status officially reached at the optional dinner in Florence - definitely worth it, had a ball with the dancing and then the nightclub after... won't ever forget discotek!
Be prepared for some long days on the bus, but our tour guide was great, she gave us a lot of information and this was good to have history on the place you were headed. Word of warning... if you intend to enjoy the full day in Rome, try not to go too hard core the first night in Rome if you go to a bar... my group had a massive night and I was ill the whole next day in Rome... not particularly great on a 2 hour vatican tour in thick crowds and heat...
I definitely recommend this trip... its great for a teaser/your first time, will make you want to go home and start planning a return trip to the places that you loved the most!!!

Review written Jun 2012

My Contiki was: whirlwind, great optionals, good times

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