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European Discovery
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Trip of a lifetime!

24 May 2012 - 06 Jun 2012

This tour was absolutely amazing. The stuff we got to see in the given amount of time was definitely worth it. This tour is called a "sampler" for a reason, we had very limited time in each city but got to see the "must see" sites and got an idea of the places that are worth visiting again. I went on this tour alone but made a lot of friends, a lot of other solo travelers, tour mates were very friendly and got along well with everyone, definitely a fun time. Went white water rafting in Austria, which was amazing, the bike tour in Munich was definitely worth it as we got to see the majority of Munich while riding through the streets. Switzerland was a bit of a let down as it was crappy weather, rain and all so our trip up the mountain was cancelled and since it was a Sunday, all the shops were closed but we did manage to find a Chocolate shop that was open. We got to Paris on a Tuesday, the Louvre is closed on a Tuesday so we did not get to go in - however our tour manager tried his absolute best to get us there before it closed, so thanks again Lee for trying! The food was amazing in Italy, everywhere else it was ok. Must try Febo in Amsterdam, absolutely delicious. The jail hotel in Lucerne was a shack, you either like it or you hate it and I was not fond of it. Hotels over all were fairly decent, some were better than others but you're only there for a night. All in all this trip was of great value for the price and all the things you get to see. I would recommend it to first time travelers to Europe so they get an idea of where they would like to go again. I am definitely heading back to Rome, Florence and Paris.

Review written Jun 2012

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