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European Discovery
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Amazing solo Trip

29 Aug 2013 - 09 Sep 2013

my first contiki tour tavelling solo. Met and made so many friends.

Visited such amazing places. We had a great group of ppl - (chinese, usa, brazil, sa n the majority being aussie n canadian) everyone got along so well.
Out of all the places we visited. ..Italy and Paris were my favourite.i enjoyed Germany more than i expected. Austria..not much to do but simply beautiful. Italy has so much history it will keep you fascinated.

Lotsa walking on this tour so make sure you have comfortable shoes. Dont expect sleep...maybe on the coach.i recommend doing all the me time optional tours..although i didnt think swarovski world was all that.
If you not sure which optional tours to book - meet your grp first and then decide. They quite flexible with booking them.

I didnt share a room. The ppl that did had no complaints. If you used to your space and can afford to fork out extra for a room of your own i would advise it.
I went vegan on tour and managed to survive. The accommodation was good and the tour was hassle-free.

Expect to spend about 80 - 120euro per day. I bought souvenoirs in every country. Take cash but also a euro charge card.
And def get a euro sim card! I forgot to get one when i arrived in amsterdam. SA roaming rates suck - i had a R6,000 bill waiting for me when i got back.

I would definitely do another contiki tour. #NoRegrets

Review written Sep 2013

My Contiki was: fast paced, epic, memorable

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