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European Discovery
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All Talk No Walk

07 May 2013 - 20 May 2013

Like many others I went into this tour expecting a wild crazy experience throughout Europe. The brochures amp it up to make you think you are going to be on an all day every day party through every country you visit, with all aspects including food, clubbing, sights and shopping. Do you like cold lasagna or over-cooked breaded mysteries that they call Schnitzel? Or being guided to bars who's business is only based off of Contiki tours? I went on this tour to get a quick, but still GENUINE taste of Europe. I wanted to get the opportunity to experience the life of a local, to see things that were a little more than the shallow touristic dive while having a good time, and with like-minded people. Here's the truth about this tour.
On this tour, almost ever dinner is served cold and at the hotel. You will rarely get the opportunity to taste authentic cuisine of the country you visit. It is a quick, in and out slop that the hotel heats up. As for the ME options you pay extra (lotta extra) for a decent meal made for tourists.
If you are going on this to shop or stop into local markets, etc. this tour cuts it pretty short. There is not a lot opportunity to visit shops and things because they are closed by the time the coach arrives. You are traveling most of the day.
And for those of you who were like me and think this is a party on wheels throughout Europe, here's a reality check. You are expected to be up by seven and on the bus by quarter to eight. There is little leniency on this rule, but it is left out in the brochure. So, when you party until the wee hours of the night at a club in Amsterdam or Rome (that contiki is not going to recommend or help you find) be expecting an irritated knock at your door from the guide when you are ten minutes late, a hurried shove on the bus, and a wicked hangover for the next six hours until you reach the next city.

Review written Sep 2013

My Contiki was: Talk No Walk

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