European Discovery (Winter)

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European Discovery (Winter)
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europe discovery winter

24 Jan 2012 - 04 Feb 2012

i truely loved my time here 12 days 8 countries a very fast paced trip a small group of just 40 of us most memorable parts 4 me was a gondola up a mountain in austria, where in no way could a camera capture how truely beautiful it was,the beauty of munich is breath taking too, and how could i forget the beer halls where you drink by the litre glass kinda heavy just to hold,, Rome a couple days here so much to see it still didnt seem like long enough could have stayed there forever switzerland was magical so very cold but amazing place to be and certainly a place i wish to head back to one day,Paris wow it was amazing every part of it and again i would say 2 days didnt seem enough time, best breakfast goes to our hotel in paris where i ate and ate and ate meaniest fed eva ,best lunch pizza in a restaraunt found while shopping in venice best tea salamon at a beer hall in munich but that just my taste buds many of my group were alot more keener to try new foods ie snails frogs legs kangaroo to name but a few i kept right away from that sorta food,sad stuff anne frank museum, in amesterdam concentration camp just out of munich,monk bones in rome bones in under ground tunnels in paris the Princess Dianna tunnel, our tour guide ashley was hard case who makes the stories she tells anything but dull our driver rocket what a guy he was hardcase and you are lucky and in for a great time if you get either of them!!!,i took this trip in a very cold snap but it didnt seem to matter still had a blast, would love to go back to europe in summer just for a diffirence our day song was the wanted....glad you came....a song i will fondly remember foreva

Review written Mar 2012

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