European Discovery (Winter)

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European Discovery (Winter) » Review by Sophie Stockdale

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European Discovery (Winter)
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Best decision I've ever made

20 Nov 2012 - 01 Dec 2012

I just finished my 12 day European Discovery yesterday and oh my god it was the best 12 days of my life. I went alone and I was a little hesitant but I met the most amazing people straight away who I will keep in contact with for life. This tour is very fast paced, no sleep ins and long coach rides but the having such an amazing tour manager (Jah), bus driver (John) and contiki family made it so worth it. Jah is such an amazing person, she was positive every day and went out of her way to take care of us and to give us the best experience possible. And John was the best driver I've ever seen, and always was happy to see us to put our bags on the bus. Every city was amazing, even Florence mid storm, and the last day I was in tears. I could have easily gone for another 12 days and now I have so many memories to take home. I recommend this tour for people who are willing to go out at night in free time, even if you don't drink, the best times I had where in a small pub in some random European country teaching Australian slang to other contikis. A+++++

Review written Dec 2012

My Contiki was: Amazing, Life long friends, Life changing

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