European Discovery (Winter)

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European Discovery (Winter)
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09 Dec 2012 - 20 Dec 2012

i highly recommend this tour. our tour manager jac was amazing, she made the trip extra special. our driver rasto was this shiz! they were kind and really helped everyone get the most out of their trip.

day 1: netherlands amsterdam was amazing, ferry and then bus into amsterdam, had the included dinner which was nice and off we went to the canal cruse, it was fantastic. and then optionals to the red light district

day 2: free time in amsterdam in the morning, great shopping here, meet back at the bus on way to germany st goar, arrived in st goar, had dinner and off to our wine tastnig which was really fun. then free time

day 3: beer stien demo in the morning, then some free time in town. back on the bus on route to munich. arrived munich, dumped out bags at the hotel and went on ourwalking tour. amazing! after that we had free time the whole night, went to the beer hall and had a pretzel.

day 4: breakfat and on the bus to innsbruck austria, amazing place austria, free time pretty much the whole day with an included dinner that was really nice. get some swaovski SO CHEAP HERE

day 5: back on the bus and into venice, were we had the gondal ride, then free time to explore then to the optional dinner which was great, had a mask theme, very fun

day 6: venice to rome, longest bus ride yet about 8 hours i think, got to hotel and had a walking tour then free time, then the included dinner right next to the collusium which was spectacular.

day 7: rome, free time all day pretty much, and had the vatican city tour which was not to bad

day 8: florence , walkign tour, then free time, then thee leather demo and then dinner and space disco

day 9: lucerne switzerland, when to harrys watches for swatch and knifes, free time not long in this city its pretty much a rest point on route to paris

day 10 -11: paris. free time, and optional these two days it was great, very magical at night

day 12: depart paris for london

the hotels for all these places were really nice, super clean, we stayed at a jail hotel one night, it was actually really fun. pretty much you drive all morning until about 3 then arrive in the place your going. you get about 30-60 mins to go to your room, change shower and get ready for the night out, which doesnt seem like alot of time but it actually is.

our bus dirves were long but not time really does fly. every 4 hours or so you stop at a service stop to go to the loo and get something to eat, usually for about 45 mins. great food at the italian services great pasta and pizza.

this tour is great for anyone who is trying to see as much as europe in a short amount of time in a tight budget, you get plenty of time to go out and explore on your own and you really do get alot out of the time you have.


Review written Dec 2012

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