European Discovery (Winter)

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13 days

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European Discovery (Winter)
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Horrible Time

03 Dec 2010 - 16 Dec 2010

I went on this trip with two other friends- studied travel and tourism in school and learned about contiki and it sounded great. Seemed like an excellent way to see many places and attractions in Europe. But I was mistaken.
1. Contiki does not stay in the cities but on the outskirts (and we were NOT on a budget style trip).
2. Our tour guide was a wanker. He was not nice or friendly. (His name was Urban).
3. About 70% of the time of the trip was spend on the bus.
4. We paid for a lot of tours which we did not participate in because we left the tour early.

We ended up having an extremely expensive trip because we left the tour and did our own thing. We ended up seeing so much more attractions (although less destinations) and got to experience the culture more. We had a much, much better time without contiki.

After all I had learned in school about contiki I was extremely disappointed in our guide and the whole experience.

Review written Sep 2011

My Contiki was: Buzzkill, Deceiving, Bus

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