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European Encounter
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Loves it!

08 Oct 2010 - 23 Oct 2010

Our Tour Manager is the beat! Thanks Paul! We enjoyed the trip some more because of you! For those who can't take a vacation for a month or so, this 16 days trip is enough to see the best of the best of Europe!

What did you see, what did you do?

As per the brochure really. We did majority of the optionals, it's worth the try as you can see more of the local lifestyle. Besides, the whole group opted to go so it also is a fun to be in it.

What were the optionals like?

Descriptions as per brochure. Some people like me wouldn't want to dine at some asian restaurants as part of the optionals (yep, im asian!) simply because I am from Asia, and I just know from the moment I look at the menu whether a meal is good to try to or not (this is just my opinion). If I am in Europe, I might opt to stroll along the sidewalks and try the local food instead for an experience.

Describe your accommodation?

For a good deal that you get with Contiki, don't expect fancy rooms. Although my favorite hotel was in Switzerland, our room had an amazing view of the lake! The rest are just normal twin bed small room.

What food did you eat?

Breakfast is Continental for 16 days! =(

What did your crew do for you?

Our Tour Manager Paul and Coach Driver Thierry are the best! They are honest which ones are worth to go to and which ones aren't.

How was the transport, what were your tour mates like, best moments, would you recommend it?

Had the best trip in europe so far with Contiki because of the amazing people in our group too!

Review written Mar 2012

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