European Encounter (Winter) Until Feb 2017 2016

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17 days

European Encounter (Winter) Until Feb 2017 2016 » Review by Dale

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European Encounter (Winter) Until Feb 2017 2016
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Europe One of The Best

16 Dec 2011 - 31 Dec 2011

The Contiki tour was so much fun and our Tour Manager Dom was THE BEST TOUR MANAGER EVER!
We saw all the normal tourist attractions and even got to go to a few Christmas markets where you can get the most delicious pastries and even buy little trinkets.
The only thing about the tour that wasn't so pleasant but we were warned is that the Venice canals had a stench that can only be described as sewage, however our Gondolier was entertaining!
You can never get enough of the food in Europe but the Gelato is something i miss!
The BEST part of the tour was when I got engaged in Rome on Christmas day :) and for the whole tour group to have known about it from the start and not said anything was really cool.
The tour group was a great group of people and everyone got along no matter where they came from or the language barriers.

Review written May 2012

My Contiki was: Amazing, Worthwhile, Experience for Life

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