European Encounter (Winter) Until Feb 2017 2016

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European Encounter (Winter) Until Feb 2017 2016 » Review by Ashlea

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European Encounter (Winter) Until Feb 2017 2016
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European Encounter 20th December 2012

20 Dec 2011 - 04 Jan 2012

Hi All,

The European Encounter was my first EVER trip with contiki and it was amazing, the friends i met i have kept in touch with and the sites you see, and visit are astounding! This trip was perfect to get a taste of Europe, without having to worry about anything but getting on that bus in the morning. But the trip was a little dawnting as i had never been out of Australia, which is where i live, up in the pilbara of Western Australia. The pilbara in Western Australia is basically a dessert, red dirt and spinifexs all around so europe was a massive change for me.

We Climbed the IAMSTERDAM letter in Amsterdam, danced the night away in Luzerne, sang off key on a gondela ride in Venice, Got lost in Paris, caught a horse drawn carrage in Rome, held up the leaning tower of Piza and ran through the lourve, as it closed on Tuedsays, which we didnt know until we got there at 4:10pm on Monday evening, we all picked 2 items we most wanted to see and raced off to find them before closing time, I fell in love with Italy, the food, people, sites and atmosphere was addictive and i have no doubt ill go back.The trip wasnt all sunshine and roses, arrivng in Heathrow airport my luggage had been misplaced!! They finally found it the night before my tour left, took them 3 days!

The Trips optional extra, if you have the extra money do them! I took them all the optinal extras offered and had no regrets with any of them, my favorite was the moulin rouge show in Paris :)

Helpful hints:
1. Pack an extra change of clothes in a backpack and take it on the plane with all your valubles or presious items incase your luggage is delayed.
2. Have a bottle of water where ever you go
3. Pack less and take twice as much money!!!
4. Take a photo of each locations itinery on you phone or camera
5. Have extra cash hidden in your suitcase ATM's are hard to find in some places
6. Send things home via post. Extra baggage fees are astronomically expensive
7. Take cold and flu tablets, if one person is sick you all will get sick
8. Take enough underwear to last the entire trip, washing machines and dryers are not common, you may find one during the entire trip.
9. Learn the lauguage basics "Thank you", "Yes" "no" "how much?" "do you speak english?"
10. Have no regrets!

I wish you all a great trip

Review written Jun 2012

My Contiki was: Breathtaking, New Friends, Classic Moments

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