European Encounter (Winter) Until Feb 2017 2016

Tour Length
17 days

European Encounter (Winter) Until Feb 2017 2016 » Review by Gerardo

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European Encounter (Winter) Until Feb 2017 2016

European Encounter Freaking awesome!!!

17 Jan 2012 - 03 Feb 2012

The tour was GREAT!!! By far the best tour I've done. You meet amazing people whom you become really close friends with, and share awesome experiences. Our driver Dave is a monster in an Awesome way. He got us through snow storms in the mountains and amazed us with his driving skills. Our tour manager Dan was very knowledgeble. He gave us a decent amount of information about every country. He made it fun and exciting. Overall I would definetly recommend contiki to all my friends.

Review written Feb 2012

My Contiki was: It , was , Awesome!!!!

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