European Escapade

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European Escapade
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25 days of bless!!

04 Jul 2011 - 28 Jul 2011

I recently went on this tour in July. What can i say, im still missing contiki. Concept tour was a great way to travel with fun, like minded people. I have to say, i wasnt all for contiki and guided tours before hand as i am a cruisey girl who likes to just plan and spread out my days to enjoy everything at a slower pace. However, contiki did not disapoint! Yea, you have early mornings - but for the best reasons! Concept tour is all about partying with comfort i would say.. because your not unconfortable in tents camping and your not stuck with boring people in the hotels :)
Our group got along so well, each had to their own but everyone was so friendly and ready to party that it made our tour so great!
Free time for sightseeing was brilliant as we had choice in what we wanted to see..
Partying at night (whether it be in contiki villages, hostels or optional extras) was soo fun!!! (especially the arranged contiki party ie, whiteboard party
Supplied meals were of great quality
Tour guide was full of knowlegde and always there to help ... and party
Bus driver was great.. alot of bus days where we travel all day but it doesnt seem like a must because there are 50 + other ppl on the bus to mingle with.. catch up on sleep was also a good way to spend time on the bus..
Optional extras were pretty good...
Each accomodation was quite good, somewhat hot in the middle of summer but alot of places had air con or fans..
All in all i would recommend any contiki tour to anyone. I think it was such an amazing/diverse experience for ppl my age to do.

Review written Oct 2011

My Contiki was: Fantastic, Unbeleivable, Entertaining

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