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European Experience
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14 Jul 2010 - 04 Aug 2010

im planing a new trip but i just found out i never filled this out from my last trip. honestly my last trip was a bit of a reck i loved then i was with my little group and we were left alone, but as a group.... it was very different. there was a grupe of 5 guys that yea there fun but when your getting drunk and breaking hotel bed and windows and havingto go to the hospital cause you cut your back open and cut your foot open cause ur an idiot then it hinders the rest of use, cause we have to all Waite. this may have been a year ago but i still remember how bad our guide was, i wouldn't be surprised if he ever got arrested for rape or sexual harassment. BUT he was fired and im sure i was part of that which i am very glad action was taken ageist him. i feel like i could have my sister now go on the tip and i would feel a bit safer knowing that hes gone and that people like him arnt tolerated. HOW EVER every thing else was amazing the buss driver, the other works... contiki IS A GREAT program, you should have more commercials in America, i know alot of ppl that i have gotten to go , and have gone but we only knew of the tip cause we have friends out side of the USA.

Review written Aug 2011

My Contiki was: amzinng , annoying , funstrating

event 0.3



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