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European Experience
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The European Experience.. of a LIFE time!

15 Aug 2011 - 03 Sep 2011

Ok so I am from South-Africa.. And I wanted to to a tour into Europe.. And then I decided to do Contiki. A decision I will never regret! I met so many people that were so friendly ( a lot of Ausies) lol! And im sure we all will stay good friends in the years to come, we already planning a Contiki reunion haha! We had the most awesome coolest tour manager ever! He was so much fun and he made the trip so much more better! A crazy Polish coach driver was also involved and got us everywhere safely and partied with us when he could, man that guy could drink! We had a really tight group of people and we always partied together till 3 in the morning and waking up at 7 for the next day haha! I miss all my crazy friends already! We are calling it the ''Contiki withdrawal'' haha!

I would recommend this tour to any and everyone! Words and Photo's can not describe how much fun it is until you do it yourself! Yes the Contiki cough does exist and yes some of you will get sicker than others, but its called a Pharmacy and take pills with. I even got sick, but I still had the time of my life and I will do it again and again and again! I am already planning my next trip as well I loved it so much!

The best thing about Contiki is their is something for everyone, whether you are an Art lover or there for the Parties, or like me and wanted the best of both Worlds.. Contiki provides to all!

Your day off means you do as you please, the will give you maps and tell you what is around to do. Just make sure you see what you planned on seeing.

The transport in Europe is very good and easy to use, as long as you have a address to point at when you want to go home you pretty much sorted lol! But that's the fun part.. Going out into town, getting lost and ''trying'' to make your way back. And trust me you do get lost, especially in places like Venice lol!

The food is amazing, try and eat as much local as possible! Not only is it way cheaper than the restaurants, but that's why you are there.. to do things the Local way. Eat local food and drink local drinks.

And it also helps a bit if you know some of the local words (but the tour manager will help you out with that one), and that can get pretty funny!

Keep the money aside for the optional extras you want to do (you can pay everything upfront) and then work out a daily budget depending on how much of a spender you are.. But I can guarantee most of you will go over budget, so have some spare cash somewhere.

I did every possible optional extra, partied every night and saw everything I wanted to see. I slept round 4 to 5 hours everyday and maby in the bus if I was lucky haha! I had a hangover on most days (but nothing water could not fix) Drink lots of water! I made 43 new friends and my Contiki plus many more when we met the other groups and I went way over budget and I did it all by myself... But i will do it again and I'm gong to as well! I travel a lot, but this is probably the Best and most fun way to see the world!

Trust me on this one, When it comes to a Contiki tour.. Don't even think about it just do it! I promise you will not regret it!

If any of you have some questions feel free to email me :

Review written Sep 2011

My Contiki was: Rapunzel, Buffalo, jaggermeister

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