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European Experience

Overall Great Experience

06 Aug 2011 - 27 Aug 2011

I had a great trip. Our coach manager was fantastic and so was the driver. I met so many amazing people and have a lot of great memories. If your looking to do seeing something quirky I recommend going to the Swarovski museum, not at all what I expected, it was fantastically odd and lovely. Biggest advice would be to skip to Tuscan dinner. The food was not that great. And ALWAYS check your bed for bedbugs before getting in it! Luckily I was safe but a few people on my tour weren't. One place we stayed dubbed "Grandma's House" had a lot of beds infested with bugs. Other than that it was a really fabulous time. I travelled solo and had no regrets in that aspect. I did stay a couple extra days in Amsterdam which was nice and gave me some time to relax before heading home. Word of advice two extra days is not enough!! Also make sure you bring a large supply of cold medication including cough drops. It's very likely you will get sick with the Contiki cough. I brought a back pack which was nice at times but other times I wish I had brought a suitcase. So if you are having trouble deciding you will be okay with either one on this trip. The back was definitely easier to carry around once I had left the tour and was on my own. It's a fast paced adventure with little down time but if your ready for a whirlwind of an experience I recommend it

Review written Oct 2011

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