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European Experience
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06 Jul 2011 - 25 Jul 2011

Going through all these amazing tours online, i wanted to get the most out of "my trip" with the amount of days i had to play with. This tour to me gave me a taste of the best of Europe, as i got to experience a bit of each place which i think we covered 8 countries in 20 days. I was quite a shy girl before i left for this trip but after a day of travelling with your new tour mates, i was talking and socialisng with them all and some i have made close friendships with! This trip changed me for the better, i am more confident, independent and happier and i thank Contiki for helping me gain this much need confidence.

The optionals i thought covered everyones needs such as the dare devils, the quieter types and the party goers.. so for me i felt it was a good mix. One of my favourite optionals was going up Jungfrau mountain, what an amazing experience, i would fit this in your budget! As it is mind blowing! Most beautiful sight... and the snow is good fun too.. so pack some winter wollies and you will need them!

Accomodation was good! Most places we had our own private cabins in a seperate area of the camp grounds such as Florence i think from memory? Best place was definetly in the Beaujolas Region the Chateau was amazing, the scenery, the wine and the little club downstairs was good fun too! Good taste of what was to come down the track.

Theme partys were a highlight too! In each place we stayed the crew would plan theme partys for us for example we had a traffic light party and so you had to wear something red green or yellow... depending on your status :P. Other themes were Venetian (venice) tight and bright... I <3 Roma white board party and more crazy partys! Great way to get to know your fellow tour mates and some times over contikis would be in the same place so you got to meet other people too!

Overall i would defiently suggest this tour to any one looking for a taste of what Europe has to offer! Great way to see where you would like to go back to and explore more... i know im already thinking of what i would like to do next year... Hope you find this helpful :)

Happy Travels!

Review written Dec 2011

My Contiki was: An eyeopener..., Inspirational, Best time of my life

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