European Explorer plus Greek Island Cruising

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34 days

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European Explorer plus Greek Island Cruising
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great trip

14 Aug 2011 - 15 Sep 2011

My partner and I had a great time with this well organised trip. It was 33 days of action with great long term friends we made on the trip including the tour manager and driver! Highlights everday (except Albania - that place is so backwards it makes everywhere else look better). We left Aug 14 - it was almost 40 degrees everyday - it was hot humid and didn't rain once. Not many places to do washing - be prepared for that. Not much time in Florence, but enough to get a feel for the place. Everywhere was busy! Time was saved lining up for the Eiffel Tour - we went straight up - anyone not on the tour had to wait over 3 hours on the same day. Dave out TM was great at entertaining us all the time and if you dont want to do something or be involved in something like drinking all night then no-one will make you. There is a lot of time spent on the coach but its necessary to get from A-B - you can sleep, watch a "documentary" (movie or tv show), listen to coach music or your own ipod, charge your cameras on the coach or talk to your new mates! Highly recommended! Also the island hopping option is better than the mykinos option (you get plenty of time there on the cruise and get to go to turkey! plus the volcano in santorini is a great experience). food is good everywhere - we did most optional meals (some are too big - be prepared to eat a lot and walk it off).Accomodation was standard - comfortable, some places were far from town like paris but the coach will take you in or the public transport is easy and cheap to use. Buy lots and send it home from Amsterdam (its the cheapest and best option for your souveniers). Nice was lovely and so was croatia - wish i was back there now.....
(Completed by Samantha Regan)

Review written Oct 2011

My Contiki was: amazing, fantastic, amsterdamaging

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