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European Highlights
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I can honestly say this trip changed my life.

20 Aug 2012 - 04 Sep 2012

I always wondered if these reviews are from real people. But this one definitely is. Hi. I'm Jessica, and I live in Chicago. I was totally nervous about going solo on this tour...and, at first, it's intimidating. It's like going on 51 blind dates. But these people become your family. FAST. The Tour Managers (we had Amy, who is excellent) and your drivers (we had Ricky -- again, AMAZING) are in your age bracket and are wildly knowledgeable, AND are not afraid to knock some beers back and dance on tables with you.

This trip is absolutely what you make of it. Commit to learning everyone's name. Stay out late. Let Venice take your breath away. See Paris from the Eiffel Tower at night. Save more money than you think you need and pack less clothes. Make room for souvenirs.

I am absolutely happy to talk to anyone about this trip -- any excursion in any city. What to do, what to skip. Give you my packing list (of things I brought and things I wish I had.) Just message me with any questions -- no matter how weird you think they are. All you need to know now is that you totally made the right choice to do this tour. The rest will fall in place.

Review written Sep 2012

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