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European Highlights
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

It truly was a highlight!

15 Jul 2009 - 28 Jul 2009

From the pre-tour meeting until the last goodbyes was an all round life changing experience! The tour made the holiday an ease with no stress about having to book accommodation or worry about how to get from place to place. The contiki campsites were mostly modern and meeting the contiki crew and other contiki groups was brilliant - I never thought I would have so much fun washing dishes after the groups meals or enjoy getting up early to move onto the next stop! It was great to see the main cities that truly are the highlights of Europe, a continent that one mustn't go through life without experiencing. Being on tour with other similar age and like minded travellers with a keen sense of adventure and energy to see everything possible within this fast paced tour. Being on tour is like travelling with a bunch of old friends that you didn't know you had who make the good times amazing and the mishaps even better! even today, we remain in contact and visit fellow tour mates who have now become lifelong friends. Our tour manager was excellent and the bus driver just as good! Their insight and endless stories were entertainment in themselves! The optionals were reasonably priced and the people who didnt do these later regretted it. the food didnt differ too much from home consisting of steak and salad one night to lasagne or pizza the next. There really is no need to think about doing this tour......just go on and do it!!!!

Review written Oct 2012

My Contiki was: Exhilarating , Fast-paced , Adventure

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