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European Highlights
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Exactly as per the title - highlights!

21 Sep 2012 - 04 Oct 2012

This was a fantastic tour, in the instance where we were able to see the 'highlights' of Europe (exactly as per the title). This was good for us, as we were time limited and wanted to cram as much in as possible.

However, there were a few downsides.

Firstly, the accommodation was often out of the way from the towns (so you had to stick to the group schedule unless you were willing to take a boat on your own back to some camp site 30 mins away from Venice). Some of the accommodation was infested by mosquitos - mainly the campsites.

Secondly, we were expected to do a session of 'chores' where we had to help serve or clean up after a meal. This was really inconsistent as, while I was never allocated a shift, other people were allocated two (in the 2-week period). Slightly poor form, considering we'd paid to go on holiday. Food was a reminder of boarding school, and being in the middle of no-where meant we didn't have a choice.

Thirdly, our tour guide made the tour seem like a school trip. Not fun when we are bullied into doing things we don't want to do, under the guise of 'fun'. This was a minor complaint, and it was amusing seeing the tour guide explain that we should give her positive feedback otherwise the company asks her questions. Our tour guide also discouraged us from visiting nearby Cannes when we were in Nice, stating we wouldn't have time. (We did though!).

Forth, we really underestimated the distance between some of the locations, and spent a LOT of time on a bus. Had we known this, we may have thought twice about coming on this trip.

Overall, some great memories and met some lovely people! Seeing Paris/the Eiffel Tower and heading to Oktoberfest were my highlights. Would probably think twice about doing this type of tour again though.

Review written May 2013

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