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European Highlights
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Euro Highlights Summer 2013 Review

10 Jun 2013 - 25 Jun 2013

Contiki first appealed to my friends and I because we had never been to Europe, and didn't know where to start. With this tour, we got to see all the main highlights in a quick 2 weeks! Yes the tour was super fast paced, but you saw the main things, and now we know where we want to spend more time!

Don't expect anything luxurious about the accommodation, it's called a budget tour for a reason! We actually preferred the Contiki campsites (because you got to mingle with everyone and they all had a bar), where-as the hotels were BUDGET!

As for the breakfasts, they were a continental breakfast, so it is exactly what you would expect: toast, fruit, cereal. Do the optional meals! I did them all except the one in Paris, and they were great! (Especially the one in Florence!!!)

Be prepared to spend a lot on the optional excursions. I thought it was going to be a lot cheaper, but I ended up spending around $350 CAD. (But most of them were worth it!)

My only complaint. For our Contiki stop over at the Chateau in France, we pulled up, did the wine tasting, and then were told we were not staying there tonight, instead we drove to Lyon, France. Contiki had over-booked and our tour got moved. My friends and I thought this was a joke! We were so excited to stay here, we had heard amazing stories about it. Instead we stayed in the dirtiest hotel ever with a noise curfew, and were given $10 euros for dinner. 10 EUROS IS SUCH A JOKE. That doesn't even buy you McDonalds in France! (We were given $10 euros because at the stop over that was one of our included meals).

Other than that HUGE disappointment, Contiki was good. Lots of great memories, met some great people, and got to see a ton!

I'm not sure if I would recommend Contiki to others just because of the hiccup in France that I believe was not handled properly, but I did have a good experience with the rest of it.


Review written Aug 2013

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